Xbox 360 Review

The Wolf Among Us: Episode One

Telltale goes all film-noire with their adaptation of Bill Willingham's Fables comics

Welcome to Fabletown. The Wolf Among Us gives quite a rude welcome to New York City's enclave for exiled fables but it's not without its charms.

Players take on the role of the Sheriff of Fabletown, one Bigby Wolf, other wise known as The Big Bad Wolf from such fairytales as Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs.

Of course now, Bigby looks human thanks to the Glamour spell that fables must wear if they are to live in or near Fabletown otherwise its off to The Farm, an enclave for fables that don't want to have to mess around with the hassle of getting themselves enchanted to look human. The Wolf Among Us: Episode One

From the moment Bigby steps out of the taxi at the beginning of Episode One there's toruble afoot. He's been called to an apartment block inhabited by fables to investigate a disturbance.

In the close of the block of flats he's greeted by Toad (of Wind in the Willows) who is blatantly not sporting his glamour spell. Every decision, every word that you put in Bigby's mouth will have an effect on how the story plays out and encountering Toad, a character not known for his honesty is a tough introduction.

Upstairs, The Woodsman, Bibgy's fairytale nemesis is tearing his apartment apart and arguing with another nameless femme-fatale fable.

Bigby walks in as Woodie takes a swing at the woman and players are given the opportunity to intervene. Bigby has an aversion to the use of the word 'bitch' especially when used in reference to a woman. The Wolf Among Us: Episode One

However you choose to play it a fight ensues between the Woodsman and Bibgy that results in them both flying out of the first-floor window, crushing the roof of Toad's car on the street below.

With that the player is introduced into the blacker-than-noire world of The Wolf Among Us. In fact, this is merely a prologue to the meat of Episode One and boy is it a dark tale revolving around the murder of the mysterious femme-fatale fable Woodie was beating at the beginning.

Everything that Telltale has learned from their work on The Walking Dead has been channelled into The Wolf Among Us and as a result it's pretty darn good. Of course it's difficult to talk about the game without giving away some of the plot but Telltale has managed to pace Episode One pretty well.

The Xbox 360 version is a little rough around the edges though. Loading screens are a bit longer than they should be and a knock-on effect of that is some jerkiness to the game's cutscenes. This doesn't detract too much from the experience but it is noticeable. The Wolf Among Us: Episode One

The controls are also a little bit lacking in response expecially in the action sequences. At some point during fights and chases - and there are a few in Episode One – the player is required to line up the cursor with the right thumbstick and press the indicated trigger button. This doesn't always respond the way it should and the right-thumbstick response is a touch laggy making these action sequences a bit of a trial for less seasoned gamers.

Still, we don't really come to any of Telltale Games' series for the action sequences within the game. We come for the story and that is where they have really nailed The Wolf Among Us Episode One home.

It's dark, it's brooding and the brutal twist at the end is more than enough to make you want to play the next episode when it arrives.

Make no mistake, with The Wolf Among Us Telltale has another potential game of the year on their hands and you wouldn't want to miss that now, would you? The Wolf Among Us: Episode One

The Wolf Among Us: Episode One is out now to download on PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3.