PS3 Review

Little Big Planet 2 Move Pack

Sackboy has all the right moves.

The general lack of support for PlayStation Move in terms of out-spoken coverage and games is nothing short of tragic. The Move peripherals are great. They accurately measure movement and distance, they're responsive and well designed, and they really do help with immersion by making the action you're performing on-screen mirror what you're doing in your living room. Sure they're a little pricey and more than a few developers have implemented the motion controls either badly or gimmicky, but with all the aforementioned pros they certainly deserve a look. Thank goodness then for Little Big Planet 2's Move Pack.

Little Big Planet is a hugely popular series and one that has always supported different styles of play. In fact the creation aspect of Little Big Planet allows players to create whatever genre game they like within the cute and charming world of Sackboy. The Move Pack takes this even further.

The multiple DLC packs for the original Little Big Planet were overwhelming in quantity and on occasion underwhelming in quality, with many only offering costumes or minor gameplay additions. The Move Pack for Little Big Planet 2 bucks this trend completely and holds far more content than fans will be used to. A whole set of levels are included to guide you in using the Move controls, and although they are essentially Move tutorial levels ,their whimsical charm and downright enjoyable setup delivers the same fun fans are already familiar with. Additionally new costumes are included to collect and wear but the star of the show are the new Move creation tools to build your own levels and games.

Building Move levels is tons of fun and implementing this new controls and environment objects that utilise them is sure to give way to a whole host of exciting user created content. In fact this could be the turning point for the Move peripherals. User created games built in Little Big Planet 2 are already impressive and with that kind of infrastructure now available but with motion controls at the core, it's an exciting time for budding developers and players alike. Moreover, the Move control works brilliantly, allowing you to interact with the environment in a very natural way that the stnbdard controller could never imitate. Actions such as launching sackboy from a catapult and moving platforms up and down whilst simultaneously moving sackboy across them makes excellent use of the tech. Additionally the Move controls work with older levels as well, so you get a lot out of this package.

If you played SackBoy's Prehistoric Moves, your trepidation towards this title update is understandable. Prehistoric Moves had inaccurate controls and required two players to juggle the controlling of Sackboy and the environment. Little Big Planet 2 Move Pack doesn't suffer any of these issues and makes as already charming and enjoyable experience even more so. If you've got Move then this is definitely worth buying to use your expensive motions controls. If you have yet to try the motion control setup on PS3 this may win you over.

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