Final Fantasy X-2

Square's finest enters a new era... a true 'sequel'?
Well, this is a first. A sequel to a Final Fantasy game, no, not a true sequel, think of it more as a return to the characters who you left behind at the end of FFX... So, It appears that Square are abandoning their strict policy on sequels, as in each game is unique, therefore a 'final fantasy', with this new title. However, first glimpses indicate the idea does seem quite appealing for gamers, as well as making lots more money for Square. So what the hell is going on? When I first heard of this title, I must admit I thought it was a joke. Yuna from Final Fantasy X, dressed in little hotpants, armed with twin pistols, blasting away at big baddies. It looked like something one of Square's bored designers may of dreamed up in his lunch hour... However, it was serious, Square have made a sequel to Final Fantasy X, catchily named Final Fantasy X-2. Cunning... The game, as you'd expect is beautiful. Looking very similar to Final Fantasy X (which is no bad thing), Yuna and her friends, not to mention the bad guys all look great. The world around them is still 3D and yet again looks fabulous, but then again, what did we expect? This is a Square game and even at this early stage it's easy to see it's pedigree. Final Fantasy X-2 The story behind Final Fantasy X-2 is still a little hazy, however we do know that X-2 is set two years after Tidus' disappearance and Sin's defeat, and that Yuna has become somewhat of a 'badass', ditching her staff and replacing it with some meaty looking Al Bhed guns. It's an odd switch, but I'm sure that the boys at Square have a good reason behind her hasty change towards her Al Bhed roots. Also, fans of Aeons shouldn't worry as Yuna still maintains her sending and summoning skills, its just that she's now so much tougher she won't have to rely on them as much... One of the exciting factors of X-2 is the new combat system. Yuna and her cohorts can perform various new moves, including jumps and other acrobatic stunts, during combat. This will hopefully take the normally static Final Fantasy combat to a whole new level, with lots of movement and evasion. Goody. With this being a sequel of X, you are still in the same world, meaning that you can visit all of the locations present in X, as well as some brand new ones in place for this sequel. A lot of time has passed since X and without Sin's influence, we can expect a world with a lot more technology and happy, carefree citizens. Until something else pops up to destroy the planet, but that’s what you get for living in a Final Fantasy game... So, this looks to be a break from the normal for Square, and very good it looks too. But is this going to ruin some of the charm behind the beautiful Final Fantasy series? Are they going to flood the market with sequels of sequels? Am I ever going to work out what the hell is going on? We'll have to wait and see.... Final Fantasy X-2 In the meantime, we’re interested to hear your opinions on this most unique of Final Fantasy ‘sequels’, use the Comments form below. We’ve also got a deluge of screenshots for you to enjoy by following the “All Images” link above.
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