Devil May Cry 2

A first look at what's been revealed of Capcom's tantalising sequel.
Capcom’s blue eyed, demon boy is back… The original Devil May Cry was (and still is) perhaps the most stylish game on the PS2 to date. The game just oozed style and ‘cool’, if you were not impressed by the fantastic gothic look and the fabulously funky moves at Dante’s disposal, you probably shouldn’t be playing a PS2. So then, it’s no surprise to see Dante make his return sooner, rather than later. Good job too… DMC2 has been in development since the original title was first launched and surprisingly, none of the original development team of DMC are working on the sequel. As strange as this may sound, we have been assured that DMC2 will be everything that the original was, plus a coffin load more. Great stuff…. but as with any big blockbuster in early production, the developers are staying very quiet, and don’t want to give too much away just yet…. damn. Devil May Cry 2 So then what can we expect of Devil May Cry 2? Well, a hell of a lot if these very early indications are anything to go by. All of the original’s problems have been attended to, for a start; the game is several time larger now, which should silence the critics of the original’s longevity. DMC2 moves away from the castle of the original and instead, plunges Dante into a huge sprawling city, full of demons and other nasties. This huge city is split into two distinctly different areas; upper and lower. The upper city is a jungle of steel and glass, towering above all around it, plenty of high rise towers and skyscrapers for Dante to climb (and hopefully leap across!). The lower city comprises of small single and double story houses, very reminiscent of any small Italian village you can think of, of course the only difference being that this one is crawling with demons. Not somewhere to take the kids then. These two distinctly different areas create a very nice contrasting backdrop for DMC2, a nice break away from the very dark and gothic original. Let’s just hope that they don’t lose any of the original’s unique “va va voom” in the process… The plot line for DMC2 hasn’t been revealed yet, however, we do know that Dante is basically trying to stop someone, or ‘something’, from raising Demons within the city. After all, who is better than the son of Sparda to stop the nasty demon things. This would be one situation where you would NOT call Ghostbusters… Naturally, the graphics have been improved for DMC2, although the original title still looks fantastic today. Dante himself has been given an overhaul having ditched his red overcoat, and now wears a very tight-fitting jacket/cape combo. Very snazzy. Things are also crisper now, and the characters have a lot more animation per move, giving everything a more flowing feel (Dante’s new coat/cape thingy ripples wonderfully), it’s apparent even at this early stage that things are going to be incredibly beautiful. It would also appear that Dante is not alone this time. There is another character, although it has been leaked that the character is not Trish. In fact, Trish doesn’t even appear at all in DMC2, which may come as a surprise given the ending of the original game. Capcom are remaining tight lipped about this new character, so little is known. We just hope that this doesn’t turn into a Solid Snake and Raiden style relationship! Devil May Cry 2 The combat was one of the main features in DMC that made it so damnably cool. Dantes’ ability to whip out his sword, slash the enemy into the air and then juggle them with bullets from his various weapons, was simply incredible. So it comes as no surprise to learn that the combat system is receiving some heavy attention, just to ensure that it is even better. There are rumours and theories to just what the new moves for Dante shall be, but the biggest and best of them is the dual fighting method. This should hopefully let Dante fight two foes simultaneously, one arm against one foe and the other arm fighting another. Just how the developers plan to make this controllable with the dual shock remains to be seen, however… So then. Are we all excited? Well, yes. I loved the original and this one promises to be a bigger, better and bolder game. Crikey, we’ll just have to wait until winter then, won’t we? After all it’s a hell (I’m so sorry) of a game!
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