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inFamous 2

You too?

The original inFamous went down a treat when it was first released, and while it just fell short of PS3 'Killer App' status there could be no questioning Sucker Punch's talent, or the promise on display in the game. With a successful E3 showing behind them, the developer are back at GamesCom in Cologne showing off new content for the sequel.

Despite the game having received public airings this summer there's still an air of the unfinished around inFamous 2. Part of the reason for this is the fact that the game won't be out until 2011, but the developer and Sony are also undecided on a number of key issues. Will the game include support for PlayStation Move motion controls, user-generated content, or 3D? All these topics seem open to debate, still.

That said, what we were shown looks very promising indeed. Gone are the gritty, grimy streets of Empire City (New York by any other name), and instead this new adventure will be set in New Moray, Sucker Punch's answer to New Orleans.

In with the old and out with the new, and the developer have also responded to E3 criticism by unveiling a new look for central character Cole at GamesCom. Apparently, the response to their re-styled hero was mixed in Los Angeles, prompting the developer to take on board feedback and make the hero more closely resemble his old self. The 'new-old Cole', as he's described.

Of course, Cole isn't the only star of inFamous 2. The setting - New Moray - looks like it'll be playing a lead role in the adventure as well. A Lush, sub-tropical deep south cityscape will be your play thing this time around, New Moray abound with palm trees, parks, colonial-era mansions and atmospheric Bourbon street-style avenues.

Hand in hand with this swampy new locale will be fresh environmental interaction in spades. Cover is destroyed as you battle the forces out to destroy the city, while atmospheric music also looks raise the tension a notch. Moral choices will return, albeit in more obvious forms - good and bad replacing the hazy options of the previous release. In keeping with the moral choices theme will be multiple endings, although Sucker Punch stop short of confirming how many will be offered.

Cole's animation is motion captured this time around, and as well as making everything as smooth as silk we'll now be presented with a range of visceral finishing moves. Alongside this 'tightening of the action', Cole is also now equipped with an Amp - a metallic device he carries upon his back - a lethal melee weapon for doing battle with New Moray's swamp nasties.

The game will open with Cole still-equipped with the powers he had at the end of inFamous, but this beginning segment will see our hero defeated by The Beast, which goes on to destroy Empire City (hence Cole's arrival in New Moray). Throughout the game, we're told Cole will build his electric powers further, acquiring the kinetic ability to toss cars, debris and more, all in anticipation of a final showdown with The Beast!

Having seen Cole leaping through the streets of New Moray first hand it's hard not to feel good about this sequel. The new location looks like adding plenty of new themes to the experience, while Sucker Punch have taken on board lashings of feedback. We'll look for more on inFamous 2 as 2011 rolls nearer.

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