PC Preview

First Glimpse: The Y-Project

New first-person shooter ahoy! It uses the Unreal engine too…
Westka Interactive are a German developer of considerable pedigree (previous projects include Rayman, and Battle Isles), but they’re currently working on a release that could certainly elevate their status further; hugely so. The ‘Y-Project’ is a brand new action/adventure due to be released in the first quarter of 2003, and will be powered by the latest and greatest Unreal engine from Epic. The graphics will certainly be up to scratch, then, as can be witnessed in the early images we’ve included here – which sport some rather lovely effects… it’s nice to see a fairly original style, too. The game is an ‘action/adventure’, and centres around the battle of two factions; warring to ‘save’ a Dystopian future.The plot runs as follows: The Y-Project takes place on a distant planet, 200 years in the future. For the past 70 years, man has been constructing a new home far away from Earth. Yet a savage insect alien threat has forced the population into a giant city protected by a vast dome. As the game begins, a swarm of mutated insects has breached the dome. Mankind must embark on a tense fight for survival. Westka Interactive are promising some of the very finest environments with this release, as can be seen in their consultations with Architects in a bid to create a believable, yet futuristic cityscape. The game’s engine effect will no doubt help this too, with new Unreal technology offering the ability to “explore both indoor and outdoor environments spread across different locations.” As well as; “Advanced particle effects which help bring every molecule of the world to life. And finally “MathEngine’s Karma physics model completes the realism, ensuring bodies, creatures and objects react as one would expect in reality.” Wow. First Glimpse: The Y-Project Thomas Schaefer of Westka commented; “Working with Epic's Unreal Engine was one of the best decisions we have made regarding The Y-Project. The power of Unreal Engine has allowed us to bring our vision to reality." The screenshots certainly seem to agree. Apparently, the player will have to face constant decisions as to which of the factions to follow, be it the scientific, of the military one – both offering different game paths and possible solutions. The heavy plot will mean that both factions will be imbued with an air of mystery resulting in various tensions and concerns for the player; who will be tempted by the leaders of the factions with weapon and technology upgrades. As you can see, your various decisions during the game will open up many different twists in the tale, and Westka are promising are title heavy with tension and story. The press release concludes on this, with: “Multiple solutions are always available, giving players unparalleled freedom to play the game in a manner which suits their style – either gun-ho or with more emphasis on quest-solving.” Finally, Westka are promising a game that will re-shape the boundaries of the genre; the wonderful technology being at the heart of the gameplay experience, not just the visuals. “It combines the best parts of FPS, RPG and Action-Adventure into a complete new way of game, gameplay and game-experience.” Quite lofty claims, and we look forward to investigating them further… more news when we have it.
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