Mexico uses Xbox to combat crime

Guns-for-games scheme in Mexico City

Reuters are today reporting that Mexican officials are using the lure of a free games console in order to tempt criminals away from a life of crime. In an attempt to get guns off the streets of the somewhat notorious Mexico City, police officials are offering free computers or Xboxes to those handing in firearms.

Machine guns and other high calibre weapons will see the donor walking away with a PC complete with software (courtesy of Microsoft, according to police chief Joel Ortega), while small handguns and the like with be swapped for cash or an Xbox console.

On day one, police officials took in 17 weapons, and have one-hundred PCs ready to go. It is unclear whether the Xbox in question is one of the new 360s or an olde-style original. Perhaps those handing in the machine guns might politely request an Elite model 360 instead of the PC?

Weapon submissions will be anonymous and police are vowing to hand all firearms over to the army for destruction. The initiative is part of a move by Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, who is hell-bent on cleaning up the streets of the Mexican capital. More soon.

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