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Sony's London Soho studio working on something with 'cutting-edge' visuals

Something big in the works at The Getaway devs

Some interesting job postings on Sony's website have shed some light on what they are working on at their new studio in the heart of London.

The latest vacancy is for a principle programmer with technical art skills whose responsibilities will include maintaining and enhancing the graphics engine as well as researching and developing new techniques as well as defining workflow and pipelines for the art department.

Candidates require experience on next-gen graphics and game engines plus knowledge of textures, modelling, lighting, animation, scripting and particles. The person who secures the role will be responsible for “ensuring the completed game has cutting-edge graphical polish.” Sony's London Soho studio working on something with 'cutting-edge' visuals

This posting comes as previous posting for senior lighting artist closes (closing date was yesterday) “to join our world-class development team working on our next generation PS4 titles.”

Whatever Sony's Soho studio is working on it sure looks like it will be interesting and probably quite the visual spectacle.

Thanks DualShockers.

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