BioWare working with British indies Failbetter Games on a secret story-driven title

Which project are they helping with?

BioWare is working with London-based indie developer Failbetter Games on a super-secret story-driven project.

Failbetter Games are known for their expertise in story-driven game development having built some interesting titles like Fallen London and Sunless Sea. They have also provided assistance to BioWare Edmonton in the past on interactive narrative.

The indie dev announced on their blog, “[F]or the last year, on and off, we’ve been working in absolute secrecy on a project for a much larger company. When we’ve gone quiet for no obvious reason, it’s because we’ve been heads-down on this. When I’ve mentioned that we don’t take client work any more, with rare exceptions, this is the rare exception.” BioWare working with British indies Failbetter Games on a secret story-driven title

“We’ve finally been allowed to lift one corner of the veil,” they continued. “I can’t tell you anything at all about the project – not for a little while yet – except to say that it’s a Failbettery one, down to its bones. But I can tell you the name of the company: BioWare. We are thrilled about this. We can’t wait to say more.”

BioWare have at least three projects on the go at the moment aside from their ongoing support of Star Wars: The Old Republic - Dragon Age: Inquisition which is due out later this year, the next Mass Effect game and a brand new unannounced project both of which which Casey Hudson confirmed was on the go when BioWare founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk retired in 2012.

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