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PS3 breaks UK sales record

165,000 units in two days...

UK stats agency Chart-Track has revealed this evening that the newly released PlayStation 3 console is the fastest-selling UK console ever, having shifted a whopping 165,000 units during the system's first two days on sale.

By comparison, the Wii console chucked out 105,000 units over its debut weekend, the Xbox 360 70,000, though it is worth remembering that these consoles were hampered by stock shortages at launch. By contrast, Sony made 220,000 units available to the UK from the off, out of a 1 million total delivered to PAL regions.

While the PS3 may be the fastest selling lounge-box in UK history, the record for gaming hardware still lies elsewhere, albeit still with Sony. The PSP sold 185,000 units during its debut weekend, statisticians will be interested to note.

A good start then, but it remains to be seen whether consumers will take to the console en masse, with stocks still available in most retailers. We should have a better idea of the PS3's draw when the initial 220,000 units are gone and Sony beginning re-stocking shelves. We'll keep you posted, naturally.

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