Game update 34 arrives for DC Universe Online

Green Lantern aura now available for all

Sony Online Entertainment has announced the arrival of the latest game update for their free-to-play superhero MMO DC Universe Online.

Game Update 34 has gone live for the PC, PS4 and PS3 versions of the game and it brings with it the usual raft of tweaks and updates as well as a handful of new features.

These include the new Heroic Deeds features which allows players to use Replay Badges to activate heroic deeds that they have accomplished with their other characters. Game update 34 arrives for DC Universe Online

All players will also be able to equip the Green Lantern's aura which can be found in the Promethium Lockbox. The chance of finding it is equally as high as finding one of the other six auras.

Full details of the new update is available over on the DC Universe Online blog.

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