Activision details the Devastation DLC pack for Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Devastation DLC due for Xbox platforms next month

Activision has announced details of the next full pack of downloadable content that is coming for Call Of Duty: Ghosts.

Devastation brings the usual combination of competitive multiplayer maps, a new weapon and a new episode for the Extinction co-op multiplayer mode.

The new head-to-head maps include Ruins which is set in a mountain top Mayan temple next to a volcano which can be triggered by completing the map's Field Order and Collision which is a close combat map set on a container ship pinned under a ruined New York City bridge. Activision details the Devastation DLC pack for Call Of Duty: Ghosts

The other two maps are Behemoth which is set on an excavation platform in South America and Unearthed which is a reworked version of the Modern Warfare 3 map Dome.

This pack introduces player to the new Ripper weapon which is a two-in-one SMG/assault rifle combination weapon ideal for Call Of Duty's multplayer encounters.

Finally, it gives Extinction fans the second part of a four part narrative-led campaign Mayday, which takes the action a Chinese research vessel adrift in the South Pacific.

Devastation is set to launch on Xbox one and Xbox 360 on April the 3rd.

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