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PS3 is out in Australia

Modest crowds, large pre-orders

Over 500 specialist electronic and game stores opened across Australia on the stroke of midnight Thursday to usher in the debut of the PlayStation 3 console.

GameSpot Australia reports that the epi-centre of the PS3 launch down-under was the Pitt St Mall branch of Myer's in Sydney. The launch event was held in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, with free entertainment on-hand for gamers joining the queue to be the first to experience Sony's answer to the next-generation of gaming (or should we be calling it Game 3.0?).

A cheerful crowd of just under 100 fans were in the queue at Myer's to get their console come midnight, with Lizzie Lovett on-hand to countdown to the midnight launch, after gamers had enjoyed a free screening of Casino Royale in the line.

The seventy or so gamers turning up for the Sydney launch at Myer's is already being compared with the Xbox 360's launch at the same location, which drew crowds of over 1,000 about a year ago. Other reports suggest similar midnight openings also only drew modest crowds.

While the launch has hardly drawn fervent crowds then, Aussie retailers are still claiming it to have been a success, with Myer's taking over 2 million AUD in pre-orders. Sony claim a total of 20 million AUD worth of pre-orders have been taken ahead of the PS3s launch. Stock availability remains unclear at present.

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