MS deny Live security breach

Phishing blamed for account thefts

Microsoft have today responded strongly denying a security breach of the Live online service, after reports emerged yesterday blaming a successful hacking of for a number user account hijackings. Reports had suggested that hijacked accounts had been used to make purchases using stolen Microsoft points, with consumers stating the MS customer support had been largely unhelpful.

"We have looked into the situation and found no evidence of any compromise of the security of or our Live network," read an official statement issued by Redmond.

"There have been a few isolated incidents where malicious users have been attempting to draw personal information from unsuspecting users and use it to gain access to their Live account."

Microsoft insist that account access details have instead been taken as a result of 'phishing' (fake emails and websites which lure users into handing over personal data). They add that no credit card or personal information has been compromised ('to our knowledge') as a result of these 'isolated incidents'.

Live gamers are advised to avoid giving out personal information and should always use the Live code of conduct as a guide. We'll monitor developments on this for you.

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