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Duke Nukem Forever spec speculation

3D Realms speak

Well, this news is encouraging if only because it demonstrates that a game does exist, and that it will require some form of hardware to run it. This excerpt is taken from 3D Realms President George Broussard (on the 3D Realms forums), who was commenting yesterday on the possible system requirements of Duke Nukem Forever.

They are going to be steep. You will need a video card with pixel shaders. A GeForce 3 will be about the minimum card, and ideally you will want something like the latest ATI or nVidia card. Sure, the game will probably run on a GeForce 1/2, but you're not going to want to.

As for CPU? The more the better. A 1Ghz is a pretty slow machine these days, and you're probably going to want a 2 Ghz or better. DO NOT buy hardware for the game now. Wait until it's done and see where things are then.

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