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Hawken opens up to new players again on Friday

Early Access sale ends on Monday

Hawken has been limited to players with existing accounts since it launched on Steam earlier this month.

Meteor Entertainment has announced that this moratorium on new pilots will be lifted at the end of this week opening up the game to everyone on Steam.

They also announced that the sale on Early Access bundles will end on the 10th of March. The 50 percent discount on the Prosk Starter bundle will end putting the price up to 19.99 GBP. The Nemesis bundle which includes nine of the eighteen different models of mech and is currently discounted by 75 percent will disappear completely. Hawken opens up to new players again on Friday

Hawken will be free for all players on Steam from Friday the 7th of March so there's a few days for new players to try it out and take advantage of the sale before it ends on Monday.

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