Take-Two and Thompson lock horns again

Thompson vows to 'destroy' publisher

Having filed a pre-emptive lawsuit against Miami lawyer Jack Thompson, in the hope this would prevent the activist from disrupting sales and promotional activity around the forthcoming launch of GTA IV, Thompson has hit back vowing to "destroy" the company.

The suit filed by Take-Two apparently seeks to have any subsequent suits brought against the publisher or games like GTA IV or Manhunt 2 declared 'public nuisance', on the basis of previous litigation. Thompson, however believes this assault upon his campaigning could be the event he needs to bring down the firm he has locked legal horns with on so many occasions before.

"I have been praying, literally, that Take-Two and its lawyers would do something so stupid... that such a misstep would enable me to destroy Take-Two," commented Thompson in a statement circulated to the press.

"The pit Take-Two has dug for itself will be patently clear next week when I strike back." More on this latest round as we get it.

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