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Red Faction 2 goes multi-platform

Coming to a PC, Xbox or GameCube in March

In true Splinter Cell-style, the PS2 ‘exclusive’ (read: for Christmas only) Red Faction 2 is now on it’s way to a myriad of additional formats through THQ developers Cranky Pants (GameCube version) and Outrage (Xbox and PC versions). The PS2 hit first-person shooter is scheduled to hit the Xbox, GameCube and PC this March.

The GameCube version will apparently feature enhanced lighting, whilst the Xbox and PC versions will enjoy improved texture quality, new character models, and additional multiplayer maps.

"We are very pleased to be bringing an original, internally developed brand like Red Faction II to GameCube, Xbox and PC," enthused Alison Locke, executive vice president, THQ North America. "In addition to groundbreaking Geo-Mod technology, Red Faction II offers gamers a complete entertainment experience with new enhancements and improvements that take advantage of each system's respective hardware."

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