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Deus Ex: the Fall coming to PC via Steam

iOS and Android game gets the nod for a full PC release

Square Enix is bringing the mobile extension of the Deus Ex franchise to Steam very soon.

Deus Ex: The Fall was originally released on iOS platforms and recently arrived for Android phones and tablets. It's now available to pre-order on Steam for PC.

This game follows on from the events of the novel Deus Ex: Icarus Effect and overlaps with events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It follows Ben Saxon, a former SAS agent as he investigates a conspiracy behind a shortage of the world's only accepted augmentation anti-rejection drug Neuropozene. Deus Ex: the Fall coming to PC via Steam

The PC version of Deus Ex: The Fall will include full Steam Achievements and support for both mouse and keyboard and gamepad controls and will be released on March the 25th for 7.99 GBP/9.99 USD/EUR. 

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