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Police reveal fears over PS3 launch events

Advise you don't attend at all, in fact...

With a number of midnight openings planned for next week celebrating the March 23rd debut of the PlayStation 3 in PAL regions, police have revealed their safety concerns for those attending the events to be among the first to grab a console and indulge in Sony's next-gen vision.

Speaking of the Virgin Megastore Oxford Street (London) launch party planned for midnight, Marylebone Police have revealed their dislike for such events, and offer advise for those attending. "We do not support these midnight launches, that is the bottom line. There are inherent problems we can't deal with easily," a spokesperson is quoted as stating by "If the launches do go ahead, we have to negate the issues as far as we can, but we can't remove the risk factors for people coming to or going away from the store."

The police say they will try to prevent crowds gathering in the street, and are concerned for those walking home carrying their expensive and hard-to-get new consoles. Indeed, the Police are advising gamers that it might be better not to go at all: "Don't attend the launch event. Pre-order your console and pick it up during the daytime."

For those that simply must be present at midnight, the Police offer the following advise: Don't pay cash, don't travel alone, carry a mobile phone, use an unmarked bag and don't use unlicensed taxis. That said, Virgin are confident the event will go smoothly and safely, and assure us that several measures are in place, 'safety and comfort' being of the utmost importance. More as we get it.

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