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Sony boss confirms PSP redesign

'PSP2' hints on the money?

Rumours of a 'PSP2' sparked by a Kotaku article yesterday, in which insider sources were said to have revealed that Sony are forging ahead with a new version of the handheld for release later this year, appear not far of the mark - with SCE UK boss Ray Maguire confirming that a redesigned system is en route.

Chatting after the UK launch of Sony's PSP in Education program, the MD told assembled press, teachers and eduction-related bosses that the present PSP system is simply the 'first iteration'. He went on to promise a "smaller, lighter" console in the future - in line with Sony's approach of reducing size via hardware revisions.

No date was offered by Maguire, but he did reveal that the screen size was 'fixed', and would not be reduced. The MD was also coy on other hardware alterations, and certainly didn't moot any of the rumoured specifications we heard about yesterday, such as an 8GB internal Flash memory, touch-screen or indeed revised layout.

Hope persists that a PSP Lite-style shift might result in lower production costs passed on to gamers, with the current price still a little high for many potential handheld purchasers. Sony aren't giving anything else away, stating that making hardware smaller is simply standard practice for the firm, which has in the past released the PSone and the slimline PS2.

We'll keep you posted as we learn more, with yesterday's report predicting official news at E3.

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