Harrison to detail PS3 'Home' at GDC?

New PS3 feature in-bound?

Speculation today has it that Phil Harrison's keynote speech at next week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco will see the Sony boss unveiling PS3 'Home'. Rumour has it that Home will see Sony making good on their promise to expand the social side of their new console, and is seemingly a blending of the Wii's Mii avatar and the Xbox 360's achievement points systems. That's if this week's idle gossip proves true.

The system will offer you the chance to create a virtual character, who will appear from time to time in PS3 games, with in-game success rewarded by your character receiving items for your 'Home' which can then be filled with trophies, as it were. It certainly sounds like an interesting idea, and tittle-tattle has it that Sony will make it a requirement in future PS3 titles.

As we already know, the SIXAXIS controller boasts a 'Home' button, and this could be an interesting spin on the social networking craze currently sweeping the online world. Sony have previously promised a major announcement forthcoming at the GDC, though we're only conjecturing that this will be it at present.

More as we get it.


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