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PS3 controller to rumble after all

Immersion and Sony settle dispute

In a surprise announcement this morning, Sony have let-slip that future iterations of the PlayStation 3 controller will feature the force-feedback technology (rumbling) that was removed after a legal dispute with Immersion. Immersion own the rights to the technology which makes console controllers rumble at key moments in games, and had previously sued both Sony and Microsoft over breaches of copyright in previous generation controllers.

The PS3's SIXAXIS controller duly omitted the feature, as Sony refused to fork out for the rights to use the technology, instead opting for the tilt-functionality and assuring us that this would be far better than the rumbling we'd all become so fond of. We now learn that future controllers should include the technology, with Sony and Immersion ending their legal wranglings and announcing that the tech will once again be licensed for PlayStation products.

"We are pleased to have put this litigation behind us," commented CEO of Immersion, Victor Viegas. "Our new business agreement with Sony is specifically intended to enable advanced vibration capability for the benefit of the PlayStation community."

"We look forward to exploring with Immersion exciting new ways to bring the largest and best range of gameplay experiences to our customers," added Sony's Kaz Hirai, president of Sony Computer Entertainment. "We are very excited about our new partnership with Immersion and the potential for new and innovative products incorporating their technologies."

Hopefully we'll be hearing more on this soon.

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