Capcom sides with Unreal Engine

Unreally happy engine maker

Having convinced Square Enix to use their latest Unreal Engine 3 technology in their upcoming projects, Epic Games must be feeling pretty pleased today as it comes to light that another Japanese giant has embraced their increasingly dominant middleware. Capcom are the new recruits, the company enlisting the tech for a new US-based project.

"The Unreal Engine is one of the most powerful and versatile tools available for next-generation game development," enthused Mark Beaumont, executive VP for Capcom. "More than just a graphics engine, UE3 will empower the development team to create the quality experience that gamers expect from a Capcom project."

Activision have also joined the Epic engine club in the last week, with EA, THQ and other major firms signing-up to use the engine in the past, thanks to the technology's flexibility and cross-platform capabilities. Unreal Engine 3 works with the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

More soon, we hope, on what projects Capcom will be using the engine with.

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