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Bringing beneficial experiences to the player is number one priority says Jonathan Blow

Making money would be nice but is not the main aim with The Witness

In talking about his latest project The Witness, Jonathan Blow has revealed that, while making a profit on the game would be nice it is not his top priority.

Blow explained in the latest in a series of developer videos created in conjunction with Sony for the PS4 that his number one priority in making The Witness is to provide players with the most beneficial gameplay experience that they can.

"I would definitely like to make our money back on [The Witness] and I'd like to make a profit on it," Blow stated. "But, it's not actually the number one priority, right."

He went on, "The number one priority is to make the best possible game that we can make that brings the most beneficial experience to the players. That's absolutely number one."

"The game is a multi-layered thing and every layer is absolutely the best that we know how to make. So when you go in, if you are just interested in a puzzle game and you're not really looking at story or philosophy or anything like that, there is a really good puzzle game there," the Braid creator added. "But if you want to read further then that there's other layers. And, that's sort of that provision for deeper engagement that allows for that little bit of ambiguity or that little bit of like 'I didn't totally understand it' but then when you go look at it closely, open it up you discover there's a huge ton of stuff in there."

The Witness is in development on the PS4 and we expect it to be a launch window title. It's also a timed console exclusive on the PS4.

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