New Tower Raid and Capture modes arrive for Warface

New trailer highlights the Tower Raid mode

Crytek has introduced two new gameplay modes to their CryEngine-powered free-to-play military shooter Warface.

Tower Raid joins the co-op mode's repertoire of different scenarios and sends a four-man team into a Blackwood facility to clean it out room-by-room, floor-by-floor and secure a high-ranking official of the dastardly PMC that is concealed within.

Capture is Warface's spin on the old-school capture-the-flag mode with two teams battling for control of a briefcase that contains launch codes for nuclear weapons. New Tower Raid and Capture modes arrive for Warface

The PC version of the game has launched fully now and can be accessed by signing up for Crytek's Gface free-to-play gaming platform. The Xbox 360 version is currently in open beta and is still accepting signups.

Thanks VG247.

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