Far Cry 4 could be set in the Himalayas

Industry super-sleuth acccidentally outs potential setting for the next Far Cry game

The next Far Cry game could be making the jump to a much colder locale according to new rumours.

Industry super sleuth Superannuation has indicated that Far Cry 4 could be set in a location similar to the Himalayas which is a lot colder than the series previous outings in tropical paradises and deepest darkest Africa.

Superannuation stated on Twitter (admittedly accidentally), “Far Cry 4 sounds super boring from the rumors. It’s the third game more or less transposed to the Himalayas or adjacent locale + monsters(?)”. Far Cry 4 could be set in the Himalayas

He added after, “Well, I thought I sent that as a DM. Oh well.”

Given the success seen by Far Cry 3 it would be hard to imagine that Ubisoft wouldn't be preparing a sequel but there are few concrete facts known about it at this point. Superannuation is usually quite reliable but as always these remain just rumours until Ubisoft makes a formal announcement.


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