Eidos founds Montreal studio

Four new games to be created

Recognising the wealth of game development talent and creativity resident in the Canadian city of Montreal (already home to major studios developing games for EA and Ubisoft), UK publisher Eidos have announced plans to form a new studio in the city.

Reports suggest increasing numbers of studios are being attracted by the prospect of a 5,000-strong talent pool of game creators, as well as tax credits for software firms. Could Montreal be heading for the title 'games city' anytime soon? Development agency Investissement Quebec certainly hope so, announcing Eidos' plans at the end of last week.

Four games will be created by the new Montreal studio initially, with a new testing facility working alongside the development teams, all of whom will develop for the very latest systems. 110 staff should be at the new site by the end of the year, with 350 hoped for within 3 years.

More on this as we get it, including, we hope, word on which titles will be created at the new base.

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