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Uncharted confirmed as new Naughty Dog title

Rumours proven true...

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune has been confirmed as the swashbuckling new game from Naughty Dog, with US rag Game Informer announcing the title and promising more details in their in-bound April edition. A former modeller at Naughty Dog inadvertently announced the identity of the project via his online portfolio, with images of the title subsequently pulled as both Sony and Naughty Dog refused to speculate on the sneakily-glimpsed new title.

Of course, neither publisher or developer are saying anything as we speak, but the magazine cover story appears fairly conclusive, thereby backing-up information we learnt when the first evidence surfaced.

We're expecting, then, something in a similar mould to Indiana Jones / Tomb Raider / Galleon, with Nathan Blake off to some exotic locations in search of some hidden treasures. Pirates of the Caribbean could be another influence over the game, with a PlayStation 3 exclusive expected.

Snippets of the game, but no real name or specifics, were shown at E3 last year, and internet reports suggest all the details concerning this game are now coming together. Expect more official news soon, then.

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