SEGA's rights to the Shenmue trademark expire

Could this mean another studio will take up development of Shenmue III?

It seems that SEGA's ownership of the Shenmue trademarks has lapsed, in the US at least.

According to US trademark law a registrant must provide proof of either 'continued use' or 'excusable non-use' between the fifth and sixth and again between the nineth and tenth years after the trademark was originally registered.

SEGA originally registered the Shenmue trademark back in 2002. Seeing as 12 years have now passed it seems that SEGA were either unable to prove 'continued use' or 'excusable non-use' or they may not even have bothered trying. SEGA's rights to the Shenmue trademark expire

What this means for Dreamcast fans holy grail of the development of Shenmue III is unclear at this point but it may work out to be a positive development as SEGA seemed uninterested in finishing the series off themselves.

Thanks DualShockers.

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