Gamecock Media promises new approach

Lands Hail to the Chimp from Alex Seropian

From the team that brought you the The Gathering of Developers (an independent publisher boasting an impressive array of developers, before a subsequent Take-Two take-over), we can today announce the imaginatively titled Gamecock Media Group, a new games publisher which aims to do for the industry what independent film did for cinema... namely freshen things up a bit, using a few new approaches.

Mike Wilson and Harry Miller are the faces behind Gamecock, the same chaps that found G.O.D. What's more, Gamecock already has a a high-profile developer on-board, in the shape of Alex Seropian's Wideload studio. A range of handheld and console games have already signed to the new publishing label, Gamecock reliably inform us.

Wideload's debut on Gamecock will be Hail to the Chimp an "impossible-to-classify party game based on politics in the animal kingdom" for next-generation consoles. Additionally Fury, a PvP PC MMO title will be release this Christmas from Auran, and Insecticide, an insect-themed film noir adventure for handhelds and the PC, once again for Christmas from Crackpot Entertainment, will also be joining the publisher.

Then there's Mushroom Men for next-gen consoles and handhelds, developed by Red Fly Studios. Not to mention Hero by Firefly Studios, a brutal but 'comic' journey through real-world dungeons due out on consoles and the PC in spring 2009.

"The major publishers have been focusing on safe bets - large budget games often attached to major licenses or sequels. This insufficient emphasis on the creation of original game properties has created major dissatisfaction among the industry's most talented game designers and has made the current system unpalatable. In other words, things are getting stale. We aim to change that," commented Wilson on his firm's ambition. We'll keep you posted on Gamecock as we learn more.

Do you think Gamecock will be able to change the rules by which publishers play?

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