Alien: Isolation is Creative Assembly's secret Alien project

Game to launch next year on current and next-gen according to reports

Alien: Isolation, the game trademark that surfaced yesterday is apparently the name of Creative Assembly's secret Alien project.

The studio has been working on an Alien game for some time now and the new game apparently star's Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda, who features briefly in Aliens: The Director's Cut. It is supposedly set on a space station and features just one Alien.

It is being compared to BioShock and Dishonored in terms of gameplay and will offer and combination of both stealth and horror elements. Alien: Isolation is Creative Assembly's secret Alien project

This sounds like it could work but give the mess that Aliens: Colonial Marines was we'll be waiting to have a proper look at this one before judging it.

Alien: Isolation is reportedly in development on current and next-gen consoles and presumably PC too and is tentatively scheduled for release next year. These are just rumours for the moment which have yet to be confirmed by SEGA or Creative Assembly.

Images are from Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Thanks Kotaku.

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