Wii beating PS3 in Japan

4 to 1

More news related to the spiritual home of console gaming today, with word in that the Wii console is outselling the PlayStation 3 in Japan. GameSpot UK had in the last month noted that the Wii was outselling the PS3 by two to one, a margin that has now widened to four to one.

The latest Media Create statistics, compiled for the week ending January 28th, see the Wii having shifted 83,754 units, compared to just 19,996 for the PS3. The DS Lite robbed the top-spot comfortably, however, shifting 194,526. The PSP languished on 35,700 - which is still better than the Xbox 360 - which only managed 7,365. Even the PS2 beat the PS3, selling 20,995 units.

With Sony reporting record losses in recent weeks, so rumours have begun circulating that Sony will cut the price of the PS3 in order to stimulate higher sales, with one PS3 exec even admitting as much last week. As well as promoting higher sales, Sony will be keen to not lose sight of the Wii, especially on their home turf, where the PlayStation is traditionally king.

More on this soon.

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