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PS3 price cut looms?

Sony consider options

One for the nay-sayers this morning, as Sony's senior vice-president Takao Yuhara makes the quite incredible omission that the firm are 'considering' a worldwide price-cut for the just released PlayStation 3 console. If anything is likely to kill flagging sales stone-dead, it's an admission like that.

Yuhara's revelation comes as worse-than-expected results are due from Sony's game division, with losses for the year to March expected to be a whopping 1.2bn Euros. The cost of getting the PS3 to market is blamed in the main for the loss, with the price-cut under consideration in order to boost sales with a break-even hoped for in the 2008 financial year.

Yuhara admits that a price cut would help encourage sales of the console, which has been criticised for being too pricey, and therefore unappealing alongside the cheaper Wii and Xbox 360 consoles. While Sony makes a loss on every system sold, the company takes a cut of game sales, with a larger installed base therefore meaning stronger revenues from the titles themselves.

So, no decision on a price-cut yet, but unless sales soar post re-stocking as Sony hope, it seems likely the firm will make some reductions in order to keep track of competitors and improve financial performance in the forthcoming year. More as we get it on this.

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