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Titanfall beta codes going for 3,500 GBP on eBay

Not cool internet; not cool at all

The Titanfall beta codes went out last night but some folks have decided to take advantage of the codes rather than participate.

Titanfall beta codes have been spotted on eBay for sale at 3,500 GBP as a 'Buy It Now' price.

It's not clear whether the codes are completely kosher or not but it's certainly not cool given how many folks are desperate to get a shot of the game. Titanfall beta codes going for 3,500 GBP on eBay

The beta is running over the course of this weekend and if you haven't received a code then you'll have to console yourself with the fact that Xbox One gamers will only be experiencing the game in 792p instead of its target resolution of 900p.

Thanks MCV.

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