Scottish devs Team Junkfish reveals new survival horror Monstrum

Game heading for an autumn release

Scottish indie developers Team Junkfish have revealed their latest endeavour, a survival horror title called Monstrum.

It's a first-person game where players must search for and repair a means of escape from a derelict ship before the are caught by an unknown creature that is hunting them down.

The game combines permadeath and procedurally-generated levels to make the game as re-playable as possible as well as raising the tension.

Monstrum is in development using Unity3D for Windows and Linux PCs and Mac and includes support for the Oculus Rift VR headset. Team Junkfish are aiming for release some time during the autumn of this year.

You can follow the game's development on it's official Facebook page and the Team Junkfish Twitter account.

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