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Final Fantasy XV originally revealed as Final Fantasy XIII Versus

FFXV shares the Fabula Nova Crysallis mythology with FFXIII

Have you ever wondered what happened to Final Fantasy XIII Versus? Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase has revealed exactly what has happened to it.

Final Fantasy XIII Versus was revealed under a brand new name at the PS4 reveal last February as Final Fantasy XV.

Kitase-san explained, "Right from the start when we first it announced it as Versus XIII, the game itself was backed up by the same Crystal legend: the Fabulla Nova Crystallis mythology that underpins the whole of the XIII series.” Final Fantasy XV originally revealed as Final Fantasy XIII Versus

"So even though it's not necessarily the same universe or the same game, they're all linked and underpinned by the backdrop of that legend,” he went on. “Now it's moved on - obviously the title's been changed to Final Fantasy XV - but that hasn't actually changed. The story and the world is still going to be linked and backed up by that. So yes, there is the link between XIII and XV, and they both share that mythology as a backdrop and a starting point."

In the meantime, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII launches tomorrow in Europe and the UK on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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