Titanfall beta codes going out tonight

6pm LA time which is 2am tomorrow for UK gamers

Respawn will be distributing their much-desired beta codes for Titanfall to Xbox One and PC gamers tonight.

Studio co-founder Vince Zampella made the announcement earlier on Twitter that the codes would be heading out to lucky gamers tonight. Zampella stated, “Codes should be sent out later tonight, I'm not saying times because they always seem to hit the button early!”

EA's official mailing times stand at around 6pm PST today which is 2am tomorrow morning UK time. Titanfall beta codes going out tonight

The beta will consist of three game modes, Attrition, Hardpoint Domination and Last Titan Standing. An they are explained as follows:

  • Attrition – This is Titanfall's equivalent of team deathmatch. Naturally, the team with the most kills wins.
  • Hardpoint Domination – Teams are to battle over control of three hardpoints on the map. The team that controls the points for the longest wins
  • Last Titan Standing – This is purely Titan-on-Titan gameplay with no respawns. Teams battle it out until only one Titan is left on the map.

The Titanfall beta goes live on Xbox One and PC tomorrow February 14th.

Thanks OXM.

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