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Xbox Live TV and Video services to soar

Big numbers by some point in the future

We're repeatedly being told that TV on-demand is the way forward, and if their latest roster of TV and video download services are anything to go by, Microsoft believe this will be the case too. A new report from Emerging Media Dynamics seems to concur with Redmond's soothsaying as well, predicting that TV and movie provisions on the Xbox Live service will have made 726m USD by 2011. When, presumably, we'll be playing and watching on the Xbox 720... or something.

In the report, titled "Spotlight on Television 2.0 Leaders: Microsoft Corporation", the organisation predicts MS revenues this year of 92.5m USD, rising year on year until the cumulative total is reached in 2011. Indeed, if the company continue to make rapid headway with their console and online service, it could be that this total will be eclipsed come 2011... barring a global communications breakdown of Terminator 2-esque proportions of course.

Needless to say, Nintendo and particularly Sony will no doubt be looking to launch rival TV and movie services as they battle for control of the living room, with the stakes set to continue rising if this report is anything to go by. More soon.

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