UK and Ireland pay more for PS3

629.99 Euros for 60GB model in Ireland

Confusion surrounding the price of the forthcoming PS3 console in Europe emerges today, with the Sony Ireland site listing a price for the region of 629.99 Euros, for the 60GB model. Sony had previously confirmed that the European console would cost 599.99 Euros at launch, but then, with the price already attracting legions of critics, what's another 30 Euros?

The 20GB model is also listed, with the Sony Ireland site offering 529.99 Euros, again 30 Euros more than Sony confirmed last year. The site adds that this lesser-specced model won't be available at launch in Ireland. Other regional sites across the continent still carry the 499 / 599 Euro pricing confirmed over six months ago, which will no doubt be of concern to Irish gamers, who may feel they are getting something of a raw deal if this pricing turns out to be true. Alternatively, Sony Ireland could simply be ahead with a change of plan.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe haven't said anything on this yet, but given that the UK pricing often works out a little higher in Sterling, and that Ireland is frequently counted alongside the UK where product launches and pricing is concerned, these new sums could turn out true.

We'll keep you posted on this as we learn more.

Update: Sony are now telling the media that the Irish price will indeed be 629.99 Euros for the 60GB model, owing to VAT of 21% in the country, apparently. Sony will be even less popular in the UK, however, where a price point of 425 GBP is planned, making the cost even higher than Ireland. Various explanations have been forthcoming for the UK and Ireland being more expensive, but we're sure none of it will prove comforting. Sorry guys, we really are...

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