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Wii radio contestant dies

Water intoxication blamed

Disturbing news from the United States today where it emerges that a woman has died whilst competing in a radio contest to win one of Nintendo's much-coverted new consoles. The woman died after drinking vast quantities of water as part of the competition, with the coroner recording a verdict of water intoxication.

Jennifer Strange entered a contest called 'Hold your Wee for a Wii' being held by KDND 107.9, with the Californian woman hoping to win one of the new consoles for her children. Those entering the competition were told not endanger their lives, as they were required to consume enormous amounts of water without relieving themselves, in order to bag one of the consoles.

The 28 year-old woman left work that day complaining of a headache, and was found dead in her home later the same day. Water intoxication occurs when the bodies electrolyte levels are altered by rapid intake of water.

KDND staff were 'stunned' by the news of Jennifer Strange's death. More as we get it.

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