British Army targets gaming recruits

Apache pilots wanted

In a move you could perhaps better associate with the America's Army school of recruitment, The Mirror has revealed that the British Army is targeting videogame-obsessed kids who's unique abilities make them ideal helicopter pilots.

The newspaper article reveals that the army are looking for teenagers adept at joystick manipulation in order to render them as the next generation of Apache pilots. The craft are notoriously hard to fly, requiring subtle control-work, just the ticket - the army reckons - for gamers with good hand-eye coordination.

"The skill in flying the aircraft is to absorb large amounts of information from different sources without becoming flustered. The new generation of computer-game-playing youngsters glued to their PlayStations, Xboxes and Game Boys already have some of those skills," an Army Air Corp source told the British newspaper.

The army uses helicopters extensively in Afghanistan, and ordered 67 new copters at 37 million Pounds apiece in 2002... which then had to be stored whilst new pilots are trained to fly them. More soon.

Source: GameSpot

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