First Lords Of The Fallen gameplay footage arrives

Exec producer promises more gameplay footage soon

CI Games has shown off the first gameplay footage of their upcoming next-gen action-RPG game Lords Of The Fallen.

The gameplay video shows off the first boss of the game the fearsome First Warden which gets increasingly aggressive as the game's hero Harkyn knocks off pieces of his armour.

Tomasz Gop, the game's executuve producer and veteran of The Witcher series has described the game as a more arcadey Dark Souls but he also confesses the influences of Zelda and Darksiders although the he explains that game is not a sandbox RPG. First Lords Of The Fallen gameplay footage arrives

The game is in development at German studio Deck 13 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One and they've been working on it since September 2011. It is due out later this year.

Thanks IGN.

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