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Columbine game cut from Festival

Protests result in axe

A new report noted by US geek site Slashdot.org reveals that the controversial 'Super Columbine Massacre RPG!' was sliced from the roster of games present at the Slamdance Gamemaker Festival, with organisers excluding the title from the show at the eleventh hour. Kotaku suggest that this is the first time a game has been pulled from the proudly independent event in the festival's thirteen-year history. Protestors and sponsors had voiced concern about the game's inclusion, and in the end the game was chopped.

Festival founder Peter Baxter described the reasons behind the decision as 'deeply flawed', but confessed it was necessary for the survival of the festival. The creator of the Columbine game added that Baxter told him the title's inclusion was "consistent with Slamdance's philosophy but somewhat naive."

"I don't want to paint them as the villain in this," developer Danny Ledonne commented. "I don't think the real issue is a couple of guys at Slamdance who decided to reject my game, it's the larger pressures placed on them."

The Columbine game had originally been selected as one the fourteen titles represented at the festival, which aims to highlight games which "push the edges of what games can be and can try to be, experimenting in art style, gameplay, metaphor, story, concept and time. They provide challenges and inspiration for game designers working the traditional space, and game designers who will work in the future. While each of these games forces you to examine something you thought you already knew, or experiment in life and evolution, they also all entertain - they strive to be fun, and to be true play experiences."

Ledonne hadn't originally offered his game to the festival, which had instead sought out his controversial creation, hence the pointed nature of the axing which then followed. More as we get it.

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