EA deliver id's Orcs and Elves to Europe


EA have won a battle with other publisher to deliver id Software's Orcs and Elves mobile game to European handsets, with the firm expecting the acclaimed title to make a splash in mobile-mad Europe. The game was crafted by id and Fountainhead Entertainment, using the Doom RPG engine, and id are particularly upbeat about the new game's prospects.

"The pace of development in mobile gaming allows us to evolve by leaps and bounds each year, rather than stretched out over four years like a high end PC or console game," beamed John Carmack, technical director of id Software. "With Orcs and Elves we were able to take what was great about Doom RPG, and bring tons of new features to the experience in a brand new world."

Orcs and Elves will be out in February next year, and the game has already won a series of awards for innovation in the fledgling mobile game genre. "We are committed to evolving the mobile platform by working with the industry's finest developers and introducing fun and immersive game experiences to mobile gamers," added Javier Ferreira, big cheese at EA's mobile division. "Our collaboration with id Software and Fountainhead Entertainment to bring Orcs and Elves exclusively to mobiles is a testament to this and we're excited to share the experience with our European customers in February 2007."

More soon, mobile-monkeys.

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