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Still no news on the BioShock PS Vita title

Could it be consigned to video game purgatory?

It seems that the PS Vita BioShock title announced by Ken Levine on Sony's E3 stage back in 2011 may have disappeared into the annals of videogame obscurity.

Levine had touted the PS Vita as the perfect platform for his next BioShock concept in his announcement but it seems that the business folks behind the scenes may not have agreed so heartily.

Late on in 2012 no more news had emerged on the lost game with Levine saying that it was still "in the hands of business people”. In early 2013 he was still saying that it was “out of his hands”. He explained in August of last year that he was still “very much engaged” but he couldn't “personally greenlight the thing”. Still no news on the BioShock PS Vita title

With the announcement that Irrational Games would be winding down after 17 years of operation with all but 15 staff members let go all 2K Games had to say on BioShock Vita was “no update”.

The rights to the BioShock franchise remains in the hands of 2K and given its success it would be hard to imagine them not creating another title at this point however it seems that Levine's own personal PS Vita BioShock project will be lost in games industry purgatory for now at the very least.

There's always hope that success with Borderlands 2 on the Vita may change circumstances though...

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