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Over half of PS4 owners have subscribed to PS Plus

4.2 million PS4s sold so far

Sony has revealed that they have seen a rather healthy rate of uptake for PS Plus on the PS4.

Despite a rather sparse offering in the Instant Game Collection, which currently boasts just the indie horror title Outlast, it seems that more than half of the 4.2 million PS4 owners have joined PS Plus.

It is worth noting that PS Plus is required for online multiplayer for everything except free-to-play titles and The Elder Scrolls Online when it arrives on PS4 in June. Over half of PS4 owners have subscribed to PS Plus

Sony boss Kaz Hirai told investors during last week's quarterly financial report, "Of all the 4.2 million PS4s that have already moved into the hands of consumers, more than half of the people that have now gotten their hands with the PS4 have actually signed up for PS Plus service, which bodes very well for us as well. And we'll obviously be sharing more details as the months go on."

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