Two unannounced big releases coming this year from Ubisoft

Another Assassin's Creed game is almost certainly on the cards

Ubisoft has indicated that they have two major announcements coming pretty soon.

In their latest financial report to investors CEO Yves Guillemot stated that they have five major releases coming this year - Just Dance, Watch Dogs, The Crew and two unannounced titles.

Given that they've turned Assassin's Creed into an annual event they've almost certainly got another game in the series planned for release this year. Two unannounced big releases coming this year from Ubisoft

As for the other game, they have tentatively announced The Division for release this year although rumours from inside Massive Entertainment seem to indicate that it is probably not going to be ready in 2014.

There is the matter of the AWOL Rainbow Six: Patriots and there has been no mention of Ghost Recon for some time other than the Steam release of Ghost Recon Online.

Thanks NowGamer.

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