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New Dead or Alive glimpsed

Wanted, Dead or Alive (chortle)

The Dead or Alive series will be receiving a fifth installment, it won't surprise you to learn today. The long-running beat 'em up series, more recently a champion of the Xbox's graphical capabilities, will once again be heading for Microsoft's latest platform, from what we can gather. As reported by fan site Team Xbox, Tecmo developer Tomonobu Itagaki confirmed the existence of a new installment at a party celebrating the game's tenth anniversary.

"I've already started writing the basics for DOA5," he is quoted as saying, going on to add that "I cannot talk about it but the opening scene has already [been] determined in my head."

Itagaki-san most recently masterminded Dead or Alive X2, which is due out in PAL regions come September. Online rumour mongering also speaks of gameplay terms having been decided, and the removal of tag team battles from the formula. We'll keep you posted on all this as we learn more, young proteges.

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