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Xbox 360 anniversary to herald "huge" announcement?

But what?

Expectant rumours are rife today as the first anniversary of Microsoft's Xbox 360 videogame console finally rolls around, and Internet whispers have become full blown hollers now that November 15 is finally here (the initial US release date for the Xbox 360).

Ever since the 360 hit the US market, Microsoft has been insinuating that a major announcement would accompany the console's first anniversary, an announcement related to a "huge" Xbox 360 feature that's supposed to be unlocked precisely one year following the official US launch.

There are some who think that the 'feature' in question has already come and gone in the form of the recent system update that enabled 1080p for all media (and, um, bricked 1% of all Live-enabled machines), but there's a very good reason to believe that this is not to be the case.

An editor for TeamXbox has posted on the site's forums that a "huge announcement" concerning Xbox 360 will be revealed some time today. What that announcement will be, no one knows, but as long as it's something worth the one-year wait, then we won't complain. A turnaround on the "no 100GB hard drive" would be nice, Halo 3 released to coincide with the arrival of the PlayStation 3 would be nicer, but a personalised Christmas card from J. Allard including a signed photo of his shining hairless pate would be nicest.

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